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Upload a Group profile image

Upload a Group profile image

The quick guides assume that you have a degree of experience with Networking functions, so – let’s get on with it!

To upload a Group profile image
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages
Click the relevant MX SPEAKER ICON
Use ADD A GROUP PHOTO to upload photos
When the photos have uploaded, click the SET GROUP PROFILE IMAGE BUTTON beneath a photo
This will set the GROUP PROFILE IMAGE on all MX pages

MX Pro-Tip! - Use a different Group profile image for each Group
Any photo on the GROUP PHOTOS TAB can be nominated as the GROUP PROFILE IMAGE in the same way

Different photos can be nominated for Group and individual and profiles.

Get started as a sound engineer

Securing a sound engineer job - As with many jobs in the music industry, there are many ways to achieve your goal. 

Knowledge and practical experience 

  • Visit your local music venue, talk to the sound crew, ask if you can watch and help out. Most important; If someone is taking the time to show you things, be respectful and listen and do as you are told - There will be no quicker way to be shown the door if you think you know it all and mess up!

  • Most colleges run music courses. Check what the course offers and make sure this gives you what you need and want. The course will not be for you if it focuses on studio recording and you want to be a live engineer. Some studios offer audio technician apprenticeships, this is a great way to learn and gain experience

  • Sound engineering courses offer invaluable theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on class room experience - There is no replacement for working with a real band in either a live gig or studio recording session

  • Most major Cities have sound companies, contact them and offer your services initially for free whilst you gain experience of a practical nature

  • Create a profile on MX and place your own advert on MX Recruit offering your services.

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