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Upload an individual profile image

Upload an individual profile image

The quick guides assume that you have a degree of experience with Networking functions, so – let’s get on with it!

To upload an individual profile image -
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages
Click the PHOTOS TAB
Use ADD A PHOTO to upload photos
When the photos have uploaded, click the SET PROFILE IMAGE BUTTON beneath the photo to be set as the INDIVIDUAL PROFILE IMAGE
This sets your image on all MX pages.
Any photo on your individual PHOTOS TAB can be nominated as the INDIVIDUAL PROFILE IMAGE in the same way.
Different photos can be nominated for individual and Group profiles.

What is a monitor engineer?

A monitor engineer is responsible for the sound the band hear on the stage.

Each musician on the stage needs to hear a mix of different instruments and vocals to help with timing, allowing them to give their best performance. The monitor engineer will mix the individual musicians sound which they will hear through either on stage wedge speakers or through personal in-ear monitors.

The monitor engineer will also be responsible for eliminating sound frequencies that cause a squealing feedback on stage.

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