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Create your individual profile

The quick guides assume that you have a degree of experience with Networking functions, so – let’s get on with it!

The VALIDATION LINK in your WELCOME EMAIL opens your profile edit page.
Complete the short list of questions relating to you and your music activities.
Then go ahead and explore at will!

Register as an individual and then create Groups on your MY GROUPS TAB.

Once created, Group profiles work in the same way as your individual profile.

Musical Exchanges is a very powerful tool and was created after intensive market research indicated what musicians wanted.
Individual musicians and Group members can significantly enhance their music industry experience if profiles are set up with a little forethought and imagination! This unique music service helps you focus on exactly what you need to make a band and preserve your career in the music industry.

MX-Pro Tip! - IT’S A FACT!
The more time you put into your MX Profile the more professional you are perceived - and other MX’ers will want to connect with you!
We know that musicians wanted this type of site for a long time. Make sure you get your band mix right.

What is a studio engineer?

The job of a sound engineer is often overlooked as being one of the most important jobs in a live or studio environment. 

The role of a studio engineer is considerably different to that of an engineer in a live arena. There is nothing to say an engineer can’t work in both fields but there are different skills required to do the two sound engineering jobs. The job of a studio recording engineer is primarily involved in music production.

A studio engineer is responsible for the recording of a music or speech session, setting up the microphones and studio equipment.  A studio engineer will liaise with the artist and producer to achieve the desired sound using effects and the creative use of microphone positioning.

A studio engineer will require skills in recording using both analogue and digital systems and keeping up to date with new software and recording techniques.

FOH sound engineer

Monitor engineer

System tech

Get started as a sound engineer

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