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Group profiles


Register as an individual and then create Groups on your MY GROUPS TAB

Once created, Group profiles work in the same way as your individual profile.

All Group members have editing permission for the Group profile.

Getting a gig is the start of the work

Once you have secured a gig you need to ensure it is well attended by the public and you fans. 

Promotion is the key. No one will attend the gig if they don’t know about it. Ensure the venue has enough posters and flyers to advertise your forth coming date at the venue.

Most major cities have publications with free gig guides, local radio stations have gig guides make sure you use all the free listings you can. Let your fans know about the gig, ensure you update your fan and social network websites on a regular basis.

At the gig play the best show you can, make it a show the venue owner will want to repeat.

How to get a gig

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