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How to make money in music - Part 2

Make money - Avoid debt (part 2)
Debt is one of the worst enemies of the musician. We all want to have the latest gear but you need to be able to pay for it. Explore ways that you can make extra money - Make money with music. With a bit of thought you can discover ways of how to make money in music and make money from music. Use your talents in ways you may not have considered. 

Sell merchandise at your gigs - Even the biggest bands rely on the sales of merchandise to make touring a viable option. Always remember your fans are your customers - Never be afraid to promote your merchandise - It will sell.

Teach - Passing on your skills to other musicians is a great way to earn cash, usually without leaving home, it can also give you immense satisfaction to see someone grow and improve. Teaching is also a great way of improving your people skills. This is a required skill if you are going to be successful in the music business.

How to make money in music (part 1)

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