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How to make money in music - Part 1

Make money - Avoid debt
One of the musicians worst enemies is debt. We all want to have the best equipment but you need to be able to pay for it. The simple way to achieve this is to make money. That may appear to be a flippant comment but with a bit of thought you can discover ways of how to make money in music and make money from music. Use your talents in ways you may not have considered. 

Make money playing music by taking gigs for the door money but don’t rely on the venue to promote the gig make sure you get as many people in as possible, you can have a guest list when you can guarantee a crowd!

Become a session musician, play on recording sessions and advertising jingles etc There may not be much glory in this but it can pay well and the experience and knowledge you will gain is priceless.
How to make money in music - Part 2

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