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Where are my responses stored?

Where are my responses stored?

This section doesn’t always show!
If you haven’t received any responses to your ad, there are no responses to show, so this section doesn’t appear.
When another MX’er clicks on an APPLY BUTTON on one of your ads, a BLUE HEADER appears which quotes the ad title (so you know which application is for which ad!).
The number of responses you have received is displayed in brackets.
The applicants PROFILE IMAGE appears below the header with four buttons –
VIEW BUTTON – Use this button to view the applicant’s ad. You can read more about them, look at their PHOTOS and see/hear their SOUND & VISION content.
ACCEPT BUTTON - When you are happy that you would like to proceed further, click here to open up a dialogue through MX MESSAGING, using the MESSAGE BUTTON at the bottom
DECLINE BUTTON -  If the applicant is not suitable, use this button to politely decline the application
MESSAGE BUTTON – If you accept an application, use this button to message the applicant to find out more about them, and/or to organise an audition or interview

MX Pro-Tip! No applications? – Something is probably not right with your ad!
If your ad has been running for some time and you have still received no responses, it is wise to revisit your ad to check whether it is as good as it can be.
Have I included a PROFILE IMAGE? Response rates to ads with a PROFILE IMAGE are three times higher than those without!
Is there enough relevant information?
Have I been too specific in WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR?
Does my ABOUT ME read well?
Your fee allows you to make multiple ads - so try creating another ad for the same thing but try different content

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