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My applications pending

When you find an advertiser that you wish to contact, make an application by clicking an APPLY BUTTON on their ad.
If you copied the ad to MY SHORTLIST, you may alternatively click the APPLY BUTTON beneath their PROFILE IMAGE in the MY SHORTLIST section of your MY ADS page.
When you click any APPLY BUTTON, the recipients PROFILE IMAGE is stored in MY APPLICATIONS PENDING, which is the third section of your MY ADS TAB.
An MX’er you apply to can choose to accept or decline your application based on what they see on your ad – that’s why your ad needs to be as good as you can make it.

If your application is accepted
If a recipient likes the look of your ad, they will click the ACCEPT BUTTON in the RESPONSES SECTION of their MY ADS TAB.
You receive a message through MX MESSAGING and a simultaneous email advising you that your application has been successful.
When you next look at APPLICATIONS PENDING on your MY ADS TAB, you will see that a green ACCEPTED BUTTON has been added below the advertisers PROFILE IMAGE.
You will also notice that a MESSAGE BUTTON has been added above the ACCEPTED BUTTON.
You may now use this button to message the advertiser to take your negotiations further, and/or to organise an audition or interview.

If your application is declined
If the recipient declines your application, a red DECLINED BUTTON appears below the advertisers PROFILE IMAGE and it is wise to remove their profile image using the DELETE BUTTON.

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