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About applying to an ad

About applying to an ad

When you wish to make contact with an advertiser, make an application by clicking an APPLY BUTTON on their ad.
If you copied the ad to MY SHORTLIST, you may alternatively click the APPLY BUTTON beneath their PROFILE IMAGE in the MY SHORTLIST section of your MY ADS page.
This sends a RECRUIT CONTACT REQUEST message to them along with a simultaneous email prompting them to view your ad.
They can choose to accept or decline your application based on what they see on your ad – that’s why your ad needs to be as good as you can make it.
When you click any APPLY BUTTON, the recipients PROFILE IMAGE is stored in MY APPLICATIONS PENDING, which is the third section of your MY ADS TAB.

MX-Pro Tip! - The profile system really does work both ways
Not only do you use other MX’ers advertisements to assess their suitability to you – they use the same system to assess your suitability for them!
When you approach advertisers they will therefore immediately refer to your advertisement when considering whether to respond to you.
Your basic advertisement is viewed as others go about their routine browsing/searching activities – so it needs to be as good as you can make it.
It therefore makes perfect sense to make your ad as good as it can possibly be - so spend time on it!

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