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Registration information required

You will have to supply an email address and a password to create an account. 
There are just two mandatory fields required to create a profile - name and a zip/post code. All other fields are discretionary, however...Feedback is unanimous - it always pays to input as much relevant detail as possible!

MX-Pro Tip! - Spend time on your profile
Musical Exchanges is a very powerful tool. Individual musicians and Group members can significantly enhance their music industry experience if profiles are set up with a little forethought and imagination! This unique music service helps you focus on exactly what you need to make a band and preserve your career in the music industry.

MX-Pro Tip! - It's a fact
The more time you put into your MX Profile the more professional you are perceived - and other MX’ers will want to connect with you! 
We know that musicians wanted this type of site for a long time. Make sure you get your band mix right.

Selecting recipients for your press kit

Using your press kit to secure more gigs for your band is a numbers game, only sending out a handful of press kits is not going to have much success but sending out hundreds can be expensive.

Be pro-active and research which venues and agents you should send your press kits to. If you are a heavy metal band it would be pointless sending your press kit to a folk club. 

Use the internet and local publications to find which venues which play your kind of music.

Most agents and venues will receive many press kits and demos so a follow up call is a good idea to ensure they have received your kit and this can also prompt them to have a look and a listen, greatly increasing your chances of getting a gig for your band.

How to get a gig

Have a press kit

Make a demo 

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