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Share with Facebook

Share with Facebook

You want as many people as possible to know that you are in the market – right?
…or maybe not?
Perhaps you need to replace a member of your Group and you need to be discreet – the leaving member doesn’t know yet?

Publish to Facebook – Yes or No?
When you have created your ad you are given the opportunity to share it with all of your Facebook friends by automatically posting a notice on your wall.
When the PUBLISH BUTTON is clicked, a pop-up asks “Share on Facebook?” with Yes and No options.
The No button publishes the ad without linking to Facebook.
Clicking the Yes button places a panel onto your Facebook page (through Facebook login) inviting your friends to view your ad - and even allowing them to share your ad with their friends too!

MX Pro-Tip! – Share your ad with Facebook as often and as many times as you like!
To share your ad again, click RECRUIT on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages, which opens your MY ADS TAB.
Your published ads are stored in the MY LIVE ADS section at the top of the MY ADS TAB.
Click the VIEW BUTTON beneath any ad or on the PROFILE IMAGE to view it.
Your ad opens.
At the top of the ad is a SHARE ON FACEBOOK BUTTON.
Click this button to log into your Facebook account to post the ad notice again.

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