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Pay for your ad

Pay for your ad

Before your ad is displayed you must commence payment of a nominal subscription current at the time of placing your ad.
 This is how you and other MX’ers fund your site.

Current rate are displayed at the top of the PLACE AD TAB.

When you are happy with the content of your ad you will be prompted to make payment.
Click the Continue button, which takes you to the PayPal site where you can log in with your email address and your PayPal Password.
The information relating to your ad and the payment details to MX are shown.
Follow the onscreen instructions.
When complete, the PayPal window will close and you will be brought back to MX.
When you return, you are given the option to share with Facebook or not.

Mx Pro-Tip! – Share with Facebook and spread the word!
Keeping MX live is expensive!
MX’ers want the tools and services free of charge wherever possible, so MX is partly funded by revenue generated from MX Recruit.
In order to ensure that the service is available as and when you need it, it survives by you recommending the service to your music industry contacts.
Help spread the word – share with Facebook and recommend a friend today!

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