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Change Sound & Vision in the ad

Change Sound & Vision in the ad

Changing SOUND & VISION content for an ad is real easy.

As you create the ad, sound & vision is imported automatically into your ad from your individual profile.

However, if you are placing an ad for one of your Groups and have changed the selection in the WHO IS THE AD FOR? DROP DOWN BOX, your individual sound & vision content has been exchanged for the Groups content.
Each sound file or vision link has a DELETE BUTTON and an EDIT BUTTON beneath it.
To remove the item, simply click the DELETE BUTTON. This removes it from the ad only - it remains on the sound & vision tab of your individual (or the Group’s) profile.
Clicking the EDIT BUTTON allows you to edit the SOUND & VISION CAPTION and the SOUND & VISION DESCRIPTION.
Click the SAVE BUTTON to save your changes.

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