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Looking for

The LOOKING FOR panel is a free-text section which you can use to describe in as much detail what or who you are looking for. 

You can say as much about what you are looking for as you like, but bear in mind that readers will want to read something interesting and relevant. When you use MX Recruit, you have the same single goal as other advertisers, which is to find the perfect match. 
If you can't be bothered to put much effort into explaining what you are looking for, readers may get the impression that you're a 'can't be bothered' sort of a person. Think about what you want to say carefully because research shows that spending time in the LOOKING FOR section always pays off with higher levels of interest and quicker applications. 

MX Pro-Tip! – Be open-minded! 
If you are too narrow minded in what you put into this section ideal opportunities could pass you by. 

MX Pro-TIP! - Use relevant information which other MX’ers will find interesting and informative. 
Be professional – The information you enter is used to assess your suitability, attitude and outlook. 
Research shows that the level of recruitment success is directly related to the way your ad reads and looks.

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