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About me - Three Golden Rules

About me - Three Golden Rules

When creating an MX Recruit ad, 3 simple rules make all the difference to the level of success you achieve and the time it takes to achieve it –
Rule 1 – Keep it short
Rule 2 – Keep it relevant
Rule 3 – Don’t be shy

An example of a poor ABOUT ME
“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will fill in later”

Hard to believe, but this ABOUT ME actually went live! Needless to say, this is extremely unlikely to generate any interest at all. If this advertiser can’t even be bothered to complete the ad, why should any other advertisers be bothered to make contact? This is a complete waste of time and money and it degrades the entire service for other MX’ers.

An example of a good ABOUT ME
My name is Jane Smith and I have been playing semi-professionally for 15 years.
I am open-minded and very easy to get along with. I welcome new ideas and creative input from others and work hard to achieve great results.
I can play many styles of music well. I have studio experience, plus I have played thousands of pubs, theatres and festival gigs all over the country.

The first line is a simple statement of 'who' plus 'how long'. It provides relevant, factual and useful information. The second line is about personality and work ethics. Doesn't this sound like a pleasant person to work with? The final line reinforces versatility, range of musical tastes and experience. It provides the reader with many options.

MX Pro-Tip! – Think! Think! Think before you publish!
If you can't be bothered to put much effort in, readers may get the impression that you're a 'can't be bothered' sort of a person and pass you by. Think about what you want to say carefully because research shows that spending time in the ABOUT ME section always pays off with higher levels of interest and quicker applications

MX Pro-TIP! - Use relevant information which other MX’ers will find interesting and informative
Be professional – The information you enter is used to assess your suitability, attitude and outlook. Research shows that the level of recruitment success is directly related to the way your ad reads and looks.

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