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Add a title

The title of your ad (but not the ad itself) is not only accessible within the MX Recruit search facility, but it is also visible to external search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.
 You can make a massive difference to responses and results by thinking carefully about the title content.

Here are a couple of examples -

An example of a poor ad title – “Musician seeks collaborators
This is so vague it is almost useless! How would a search engine with billions of phrases and pages know which pages to offer this advertiser? There will be hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of items of internet content which could match any part or parts of this title.
So, be specific – as an absolute minimum you need to say what you are, where you are and what you are looking for!

An example of a good ad title – “Versatile AOR rock drummer in Henderson, Nevada 89016 seeks working band or musicians
This tells a mini story all on its own! It is specific – it say’s what this advertiser is, where they are and what they are looking for! Musicians in and around Henderson and wider Nevada are likely to include ‘AOR,’, ‘rock drummer’, ‘Henderson’, ’working band’, musicians or Nevada and even a specific zip code in their searches, making it much more likely that the advertiser will be found.

MX Pro-TIP! – Make your title stand out from the crowd
Search engines work by measuring how useful or appropriate the title of your ad is to the searcher. You therefore need to create a title which includes the phrase or phrases another MX’er will actually type into a search engine. What would you type into Google if you wanted to find someone like you, who does what you do?

MX Pro-TIP! – Advertising for multiple functions
Your weekly fee entitles you to place as many ads as you like. This means that you can place an ad to find as many other functions as you like, and/or you can create a number of variations of the same ad.

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