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Who is the ad for?

Who is the ad for?

As the question suggests, this is where you get to state who the ad is for. There are only two choices, the ad is either for yourself as an individual (an individual ad) or it is for one of the Groups you belong to (a Group ad).

You have to be a member of a Group to place an ad on it's behalf!

Place an individual ad

When you first click the PLACE AD TAB, the information defaults to an individual ad.
Most of your individual profile information is automatically imported into your ad along with all content from your INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS TAB and your INDIVIDUAL SOUND & VISION TAB.
(You can add and/or delete photos and sound & vision content in the second step!).

Place a Group ad
To create a Group ad, simply change the selection in the WHO IS THE AD FOR? DROP DOWN BOX.
This changes the information to that of the Group you selected.

MX Pro-TIP! – Make sure you select the correct Group!  – Is the ad for you or one of your Groups?
By default, clicking the PLACE AD TAB automatically imports your own individual profile information.
To advertise yourself as an individual, it is essential that you select MYSELF (default setting), from the WHO IS THE AD FOR? DROP DOWN BOX .
If you are placing an ad for a Group simply select the appropriate Group from the same drop down list next to WHO IS THE AD FOR?

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