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What is phishing?

What is phishing?

Phishing is a criminal activity which involves sending out emails in bulk inviting recipients to reply with their security details. The object is to 
fraudulently obtain money from a victim or (more usually) multiple victims. There are literally hundreds of different phishing scams and thousands of variations. This type of crime can go on anywhere in the world and be perpetrated by any media, but the internet is especially useful for criminals to target large numbers of victims in quick succession.

'Spear phishing' is more sophisticated and time-consuming but benefits the fraudster by extorting greater returns. The criminal has a name and email address for a victim who they know uses a particular website like Musical Exchanges or any other brand. They send what look like genuine communications from a company the victim uses regularly, again like Musical Exchanges. You might be asked to complete a form providing details including credit card numbers and the answer to your security question. This is often enough for a criminal to impersonate your identity and access your bank and other accounts.

Attachments are included in emails with some scams. If you click the attachment you may download malicious software to your computer ('malware'), in some cases allowing the criminal to spy on your internet activity. Security experts say the best advice when dealing with a suspect email is simply to delete it and never open attachments.


You should be on your guard against this and similar types of scam at all times.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that the site is free from inappropriate material or free of illegal activity by every individual user. MX is committed to protecting all MX’ers, in particular our children and youngsters.

In the event that you encounter material or activity which you suspect may be part of a money scam please report it as soon as possible to

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