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Money scams

Money scams

A 'Money Scam' is the name given when a criminal attempts to fraudulently obtain money from a victim or (more usually) multiple victims. There are literally hundreds of different scams and thousands of variations. This type of crime can go on anywhere in the world and be perpetrated by any media, but the internet is especially useful for criminals to target large numbers of victims in quick succession.

It ALWAYS involves the victim paying over money in order to benefit from a massive cash return. Of course, the cash return doesn't materialis and the criminal often asks for even more money to secure the return for some spurious, fanciful reason. The cash return NEVER shows up in any of these scams - it leaves thousands of poorer victims behind who are all much wiser now!

You should be on your guard against this and similar types of scam at all times. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that the site is free from inappropriate material or free of illegal activity by every individual user. 
MX is committed to protecting all MX’ers, in particular our children and youngsters.

In the event that you encounter material or activity which you suspect may be part of a money scam please report it as soon as possible to

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