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How MX uses your information

How MX uses your information

MX uses MX’ers information:

  • To introduce new services and features from time to time
  • To continue to protect all MX’ers as far as possible
  • To provide MX’ers with information regarding advertisers that may be of benefit to them
  • To monitor and analyse advertisement responses and rates to further enhance MX’ers experience on the site
  • To identify features and benefits of the site that an individual or Group is not currently using and make suggestions as to why they might find those features and benefits useful
  • To point out things that other MX’ers are doing which may be helpful
  • To suggest other MX’ers add friends if there is a mutual connection between the parties
  • To make other connection suggestions from time to time
Permission to access personal information, and the authority to use it, gives MX’ers full access to Musical Exchanges as it exists today, but also to the new innovative features, services and other benefits which are being developed and introduced ongoing. This means that MX’ers experience is continually being upgraded and enhanced.

MX values its relationship with all MX’ers – and considers mutual trust to be of prime importance. MX does not share this information with any third parties unless an MX’er provides their express permission.

MX may from time to time share anonymous information (which does not contain identifying personal data such as names or email addresses) for various reasons connected to improving the quality and range of services provided.

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