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MX security & safety statement

MX security & safety statement

Musical Exchanges provides a place where millions of Music Industry people from all over the world can interact with each other freely, in safety, with confidence and integrity.

MX accepts the responsibility to act in an ethical and moral manner at all times, and always in the best interest of our community.

Various safety and privacy features allow MX’ers to share information only with people specifically authorize to access it.

These features are under constant assessment and review with an overall goal of identifying and removing inappropriate content and people from the site as quickly as possible.

MX undertakes to vigilant at all times. However, due to the rapidly changing nature of modern technologies and other advances, it is appreciated that this will always be a work in progress.

Although complete security cannot be guaranteed, Musical Exchanges undertakes to foster an environment free from harassment, coercion, discrimination, as well as inappropriate behaviour or inappropriate content.

Reported material or users will be investigated promptly and remove items or individuals deemed to be in breach of the site’s APPROPRIATE USE POLICY.

We welcome all comments and suggestions from MX’ers at

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