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How to get a gig

How to get gigs for your band or as a solo musician has been a question that every band, musician, DJ or rapper has asked at some time in their music career. 

It is not rocket science but neither is it a God given right, it does involve some effort on behalf of the band, certainly in the early days. You may have some great material, developed a strong image but unless you get people to come see and hear you the project will go no further. 

All major cities have several venues that put on live music, the bookers for these gigs are not going to come looking for you so whether you are looking how to get gigs in London, gigs in Dublin, gigs in Birmingham or gigs in New York or how to get gigs at festivals in Adelaide, festivals in San Francisco or festivals in Reading there are some simple steps you can take to put you ahead of the competition.

The best way to get a gig is to get a gig!!

Click the links below for more help in getting more gigs. 

Make a demo

Have a band press Kit

Selecting recipients for your band press kit 


Getting the gig is the start of the work

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