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Advertising rates

Advertising rates

MX Recruit advertising rates are always pitched to provide maximum value for money.

MX Recruit is a sophisticated and unique recruit service which performs much more efficiently than some other musician classified ad sites – and this is expensive to maintain and develop. The funds raised from MX ads are used to develop, maintain and enhance the current features of the site and to introduce new facilities regularly.

To view current weekly ad rates
Click RECRUIT on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages
Click the PLACE AD TAB
The WEEKLY AD RATES are displayed at the top of the tab

Keeping it simple - Rounding up makes sense!
The weekly advertising charge is similar whether your local currency is dollars, Euros or Sterling.
 To make life easy, the rates have been rounded up to the nearest comfortable figure in your local currency. Although fluctuations in currency exchange rates make the weekly advertising costs slightly different for various territories, this is both a convenient and a simple method of pricing.

MX-Pro Tip! – Make use of the no-limit rule
Subscription is based on a per person basis, not per ad.
There is no limit on the number of ads you can place for the weekly fee.
Remember – You can place as many ads as you like, so try running variations of the same ad!
However, you cannot advertise on behalf of other MX’ers or non-MX’ers.

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