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The skill level filter

The skill level filter

The SKILL LEVEL FILTER is one of FIVE ADDITIONAL FILTERS which help improve the accuracy of the two–question quick search results.
 The filters can also save you loads of time.

It may be the case that you only wish to collaborate with other MX’ers who are close to your own skill level. Conversely, you may wish to push yourself by selecting a skill level beyond your current level. If this is the case you can select an age range from the SKILL LEVEL FILTER. Search results will exclude anyone who falls outside of the skill level you selected.

MX-Pro Tip! – Experiment with the additional MX Recruit filters
Obtain a wide and varied range of search results by utilising some or all of the additional filters. You can experiment with genre, age range, skill level, rehearsal availability and/or gig availability.

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