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About the two question quick search tool

About the two question quick search tool

The TWO-QUESTION QUICK SEARCH TOOL is a very quick, convenient and comprehensive MX Recruit search solution.

It can work very simply by asking just two questions - WHAT ARE YOU? and WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?, or it can be used in conjuction with the bespoke filters specially designed to help music industry people find other music industry people.

When you have made your two selections simply click the SEARCH BUTTON for your results.

Search results will be based on those closest to you first.

If you wish to search in a different area to the one you are in, enter a zip/post code into the ZIP CODE / POST CODE FIELD.

MX-Pro Tip! – Experiment with the additional MX Recruit filters
Obtain a wide and varied range of search results by utilising some or all of the additional filters.
You can experiment with Genre, Age range, Skill level, Rehearsal availability and/or Gig availability.

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