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Why complete my profile fully?

Why complete my profile fully?

Other social networking sites are there for everyone to use (and that’s great!), but because of that fact they don’t specialise!

MX is a facilitator which brings musos together in one place with a clear set of simple goals – to make our lives easier, to help us function more efficiently, to enjoy our role in this unique music community and to celebrate the common thread which runs through every human alive today and every human who ever walked the face of the earth – music.

In the 21st Century, MX is where the music community can connect, meet new friends, stay in touch, and stay abreast of all the latest gossip, hot topics, news and developments.

Why MX’ers are happy to complete the registration information
The Internet is a wonderful creation which has countless positive benefits and resources – including Musical Exchanges!

However, unfortunately, there are plenty people ‘out there’ whose sole function is to make sure they rip you off for as much as possible as often as possible. The vast majority of MX’ers prefer a high level of protection and have requested the inclusion of various security measures throughout the site which help to validate identity and protect personal information.Although complete security cannot be guaranteed, a higher level of security can most effectively be achieved by validating information about new users at the registration stage.

There are only two mandatory profile questions, but completing the whole profile takes less than 2 minutes! This information is also accessed when you use various MX functions later – thus saving a great deal of time in the long run!

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