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Create an individual ad

Create an individual ad

An individual ad is an advertisement just for yourself, ie you are NOT creating an ad for one of your Groups. To place an ad for a Group see HELP – RECRUIT HELP – CREATING & MANAGING YOUR ADS – CREATE A GROUP AD

Whether for an individual or a Group, creating an MX Recruit ad is real quick and very easy.

To place your individual ad –
Click RECRUIT on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
This opens the MX RECRUIT HOME PAGE.
Click the PLACE AD tab.
Most of your individual information is already completed from your registration information.
Complete and/or check all of the required fields.
Enter free text into the ABOUT ME and the LOOKING FOR fields to complete your requirements.
Use the PREVIEW BUTTON on any page to see how the live ad will look as you go along.

MX Pro-TIP! - Use relevant information which other MX’ers will find interesting and informative
Be professional – The information you enter is used to assess your suitability, attitude and outlook.
Research shows that the level of recruitment success is directly related to the way your ad reads and looks.

It therefore makes perfect sense to make your ad as good as it can possibly be - so spend time on it!

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