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How MX Recruit works

How MX Recruit works

MX Recruit works like a dating site!

It is a revolutionary intelligent matching service requiring detailed information about a musician, a band or any other individual or Group connected to the music industry. It takes information you included in your WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR and finds the closest matches based on this and other detailed criteria you select.

Remember - the more information you provide – the more successful your MX Recruit ad will be!

You can apply to any advertiser, and the recipient can either accept or decline your application.

Tracking your progress is easy as all of the information you need is constantly updated on your MY ADS TAB.
The information in your ad is logged by the MX search engine and also by external search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. No personal information is disclosed to external search engines.
MX-Pro Tip! - Search for free! – No login required!
Whether you are an MX’er yet or not, you can search or browse MX RECRUIT PREVIEW ADS for as long as you like – for free!
MX Recruit is secure – Your personal information is protected. Other MX’ers need an active ad themselves in order to gain full access to your ads. Even then, the MX Recruit applicant only sees what you specifically disclose in your ad and requires your express permission to have any deeper contact into your MX Network profile. Only non-personal advertisement information is visible for those who do not have an ad running, or to those who are not logged in.

It is important to understand that pre-subscription browsing can only give an idea as to the likelihood of success and no guarantees are implied.
To conform with Data Protection legislation in various territories and MX’s PRIVACY POLICY, in order to gain full access to ads and to make contact with other advertisers you are required to –
PLACE AN MX RECRUIT AD which states who you are, what you do and what/who you are looking for
MEET THE WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION COST, which can be cancelled at any time.

There is no minimum or maximum subscription term and there are no sign up fees or cancellation fees.
It is also important to note that success is not guaranteed whether you subscribe or not.
MX-Pro Tip! - The profile system works both ways
Not only do you use other MX’ers advertisements to assess their suitability to you – they use the same system to assess your suitability for them! When you approach advertisers they will therefore immediately refer to your advertisement when considering whether to respond to you. Your basic advertisement is viewed as others go about their routine browsing/searching activities – so it needs to be as good as you can make it.

It therefore makes perfect sense to make your ad as good as it can possibly be  - so spend time on it!

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