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Accept a friend request

Accept a friend request

Musical Exchanges is all about making new friends, maintaining contact with friends and re-establishing contact with old friends. Of course, Groups have their own profile separate from (but connected to) the members of the Group. It is therefore possible (and in many ways desirable) to differentiate between friends of the Group and friends of the individual members of the Group. This enables Group members to stay in touch with professional friends in the context of a Group, but to reserve personal friends for their individual profile.

When someone sends a friend request to a Group you belong to, all Group members receive an email informing them that the request has been made.

To accept a friend request -

The email contains a link to the senders INFO TAB so that a Group member can check them out prior to accepting or declining their request.
Alternatively, if you know the sender already you can simply click the second ADD FRIEND BUTTON in the email.
Click the link to open (through login if required) the PENDING FRIEND REQUESTS at the top of your FRIENDS TAB.
The PENDING FRIEND REQUESTS section shows a list of friend request you have sent and also any friend requests sent to you.
It is possible that you would want to be friends with the sender for a Group you belong to, but not as a personal friend, or visa versa, so check the relevant boxes to accept the sender as a personal friend and/or as a friend of one or more of your Groups.
If you want to accept the friend request simply click the ACCEPT BUTTON which moves the sender to your friend list.
Clicking the DECLINE BUTTON deletes the friend request from your FRIENDS TAB.

What happens next? -
Your PROFILE IMAGE is automatically removed from the senders’ PENDING FRIEND REQUEST section.
They cannot send another friend request to the Group.
Any Group member may, however, send a friend request to them later if required.

MX-Pro Tip! - The decline button or the delete button - what's the difference? -
The friend requests you have sent have a DELETE BUTTON beneath them. Use this to terminate the friend request process.
The friend requests you have received have a DECLINE BUTTON which you can use to turn down a friend request.
The friend requests you have received also have an ACCEPT BUTTON, which you can use to reveal check-boxes relating to you and each Group you belong to. You can check some boxes and not others to select who the sender is to be friends with.

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