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Compose and send a message

Compose and send a message

Composing and sending Group messages to and from other MX'ers is real easy and fast.

To compose and send a Group message -
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
Click the MY GROUPS TAB.
Click the PROFILE IMAGE (or MX ICON) of the relevant Group.
This opens the Groups’ profile.
This opens a view with several mail tabs - INBOX, COMPOSE, DRAFTS, SENT ITEMS and TRASH.
Click the COMPOSE TAB.
A blank message template is opened with the Group’s name already completed in the FROM FIELD.

Sending mail to members of this Group -
If you are sending mail to the members of this Group, simply click the ALL GROUP MEMBERS BUTTON.
Alternatively, if you are sending mail to only some members of this Group check their INDIVIDUAL CHECK BOX.

Sending mail to friends of this Group -
If you are sending Group mail to friends of the Group click the SELECT RECIPIENTS BUTTON.
(You can click the ALL GROUP MEMBERS BUTTON and then the SELECT RECIPIENTS BUTTON if you wish).
Individual friends of the Group are all listed below in alphabetical order along with a CHECK BOX next to each profile image.
Use the SELECT ALL FRIENDS BUTTON at the top of the page to include all of your friends in the mail.
Click the CHECK BOX next to those friends to whom you wish to send the mail.
Click the ADD BUTTON to return to the mail you are composing.
Enter the topic of the message in the SUBJECT BOX.
Type your message into the dialogue box.
When you have completed your message click the SEND BUTTON.

Copies of all of the Group’s sent messages are stored in the SENT ITEMS TAB until they are deleted.

MX-Pro Tip! – Save and come back later
You can save the message and come back to it later by clicking the SAVE BUTTON at the bottom right of the panel.
This saves your message in the Group’s DRAFTS TAB, which can be reopened later.

MX-Pro Tip! – A quicker way to select recipients
When selecting recipients it may be quicker and easier to use the SELECT ALL BUTTON or a GROUP BUTTON and then uncheck some friends.

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