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About Group Mailbox

About Group Mailbox

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Group or Individual Mailbox - what's the difference? -
The most important difference between a GROUP MAILBOX and your INDIVIDUAL MAILBOX is that any Group member has full use of the GROUP MAILBOX, whereas only you have use of your own INDIVIDUAL MAILBOX.

What is the Group Mailbox? -
The GROUP MAILBOX is a fast, discreet and confidential communication channel between a Group and it’s members, and between a Group and it’s network of friends. 
This is where all Group mail activity is created, managed, stored and sorted. The GROUP MAILBOX differs from the GROUP WALL in that GROUP MAILBOX is a private activity. Posts published on a Wall are seen by the Group’s entire friend’s network. Any Group member can use the GROUP MAILBOX to communicate with one of the Group’s friends or a number of different friends, or to any, some or all members of a CURRENT GROUP.

Who is the Group Mailbox connected to? -
A Group may not send a message to anyone who is not a friend of the Group, and mail cannot be received from anyone who is not the Group’s friend. 
Only Group members have access to their GROUP MAILBOX. All mail is sent and received within the Group’s confidential mailbox and is never seen from outside of the site or by any other MX’er.
When the Group receives mail an email is sent to all Group members’ email addresses which shows the initial part of the message.
Members will not usually be able to see the entire content of a longer message and will login to read it fully.

To find the GROUP MAILBOX –
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
Click the MY GROUPS TAB.
Click the PROFILE IMAGE (or MX ICON) of the relevant Group.
This opens the Groups’ profile.
This opens a view with several mail tabs - INBOX, COMPOSE, DRAFTS, SENT ITEMS and TRASH.
By default, Mailbox opens at the Group’s INBOX, which is where incoming mail is stored until it is deleted or sorted into MAIL FOLDERS.

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