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A Group member leaves

A Group member leaves

When a Group member leaves the Group, the GROUP MEMBERS TAB stores information about the ex-member in the PREVIOUS MEMBERS SECTION, including the dates of starting and leaving. For reference purposes a full record of the Groups personnel can therefore be created over the time the Group is in existence. It is wise to move an ex-member’s profile to the PREVIOUS MEMBERS SECTION as soon as they leave.

This is important because the Group will probably not want the ex-member to retain editing permission on the Group profile.

Moving the ex-member to the PREVIOUS MEMBERS SECTION immediately disables their editing permission

To move an ex-member’s profile to the PREVIOUS MEMBERS SECTION –
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.

Click the MY GROUPS TAB.
Click the PROFILE IMAGE (or MX ICON) of the relevant Group.
This opens the Groups’ profile.
Each member’s INDIVIDUAL PROFILE IMAGE (or MX ICON) has a REMOVE BUTTON beneath it.
Click the REMOVE BUTTON to reveal a warning pop up asking “Move to the previous members section?” with ‘Yes’ or ‘Cancel’ options.
Cancel returns you to the GROUP MEMBERS TAB.
Click the ‘Yes’ button to move the ex-member to the PREVIOUS MEMBERS SECTION.

The ex-member has now been moved to the PREVIOUS MEMBERS SECTION. 

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