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Who can play Group sound files?

Who can play Group sound files?

There are only two sectors within the musical Exchanges site from which your sound files can be played, either in MX Network or MX Recruit.

Who can play Group sound files in MX Network?
In MX NETWORK, only friends of the Group can play Group sound files.

Who can play your sound files in MX Recruit?
If you have placed a musicians classified ad in MX RECRUIT, any other advertiser can play any of your sound files. Visitors cannot access this level of your ad.
As you begin creating a musicians wanted ad for the Group (prior to publishing), all of the Group sound files are automatically imported to your ad.
If published, other MX RECRUIT advertisers would then have access to all of the Group sound files when they read your ad (they are only accessing the Group’s ad and not the actual Group profile!).
You can simply remove sound files you don’t wish to appear from your ad prior to publishing.
Any Group sound files left in the ad can be played by any other MX RECRUIT advertiser.
You may also add fresh Group sound files for your MX RECRUIT ad if you wish (which are then exported into the Group profile).
Removing Group sound files from the MX RECRUIT ad does not delete them from the Group profile.

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