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About the Group INFO tab

About the Group INFO tab

The GROUP INFO TAB is a snap-shot of the Group’s basic information and it exists for three prime reasons –

  1. It provides viewers with a very quick picture as to who the Group is and other music-related information about the Group, and
  2. It enables a Group to be found and recognised by other MX’ers and by other internet users elsewhere, and
  3. Once found, it enables the viewer to see more detail and confirm that it is actually the Group they wanted to find!

The GROUP INFO TAB is therefore fully visible to all MX’ers within the MX site and to people outside – that’s why you need to make it as good as it can be! Visitors and non-friends of the Group are restricted to seeing only the GROUP INFO TAB.

No-one can look deeper into the Group profile than the GROUP INFO TAB unless they are an MX’er AND Group members have accepted them as a friend (or visa versa). Your personal information is therefore protected at all times.

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