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Mutual respect

Mutual respect

As all Group members have editing rights over a Group profile, Group members are dependent upon and trust each other to behave in an appropriate manner.

Musical Exchanges is committed to the enhancement of harmony, peace, understanding and collaboration by nurturing non-compromising mutual respect across all genders, ages, colours, ethnic origin, sexual orientations, physical or mental disabilities, religious or political persuasions, nationalities, races or creeds.

Mutual respect requires the application of tolerance, understanding, patience, and an appreciation of the dignity required from and by all MX’ers.

Behaviour which undermines the dignity or self-esteem of any individual, offensive content, hostility, intimidation or abuse of any kind will result in a temporary or permanent suspension of the offenders’ profile.

MX is dedicated to it’s moral and legal responsibility to protect MX’ers from any form of abuse and/or harassment.

MX’ers are therefore required to treat others as they wish to be treated ie with respect and dignity.

All MX’ers are also required to ensure that their behaviour does not result in misunderstandings or offense by thinking carefully about any content uploaded or comments made whilst on the site.

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