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What have you got to say? Spit it out!

What have you got to say? Spit it out!

The GROUP WALL is for news and comments suitable to be shared with friends. For exchanges of a more sensitive or personal nature Groups should use the GROUP MAILBOX (see HELP – NETWORK HELP - GROUP PROFILE HELP – GROUP MAILBOX for more information).

To share what the Group has to say -
Share any news or make comments by typing into the ‘SPIT IT OUT!’ BOX.
Once written, comments are published by clicking the SHARE BUTTON which can be found to the right of the ‘Spit it out!’ box.
This publishes the comment to the GROUP WALL and to the walls of the Group’s friends.

MX-Pro Tip! – Be careful what you say and where you say it!
For obvious reasons, and for Legal reasons make sure you are writing on the Wall you intend to!
For personal Group messages please use the GROUP MAILBOX.
MX recommends that wall comments are restricted to those of a non-sensitive and impersonal nature. 

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