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Add Current Group members

Add Current Group members

MX-Pro Tip! - Add as many Group members as possible
Of course, Group profiles and the various MX tools work best when all Group members (or as many as possible) are included in your online MX Group.

The process for adding Group members to MY CURRENT GROUPS and MY PREVIOUS BANDS is the same.

Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
Click the MY GROUPS TAB.
In the upper (MY CURRENT GROUPS) section, click the current GROUP PROFILE IMAGE (or MX ICON) you want to add members to.
That Groups' profile opens.

To add Group members -

Your own INDIVIDUAL PROFILE IMAGE is shown along with any other members already entered.
Click the red ADD MEMBER ICON.
A dialogue box opens with the heading ‘ADD THE NEXT MEMBERS’ DETAILS’.
Enter the first name, family name and nickname of the next member into the NAME FIELDS.
Enter the members’ email address into the EMAIL ADDRESS FIELD. If you don’t know it, when you click the ADD BUTTON MX will offer suggestions as to who the person might be from the MX’ers registered with that same name.
Using the drop down boxes, select the month and year the member joined the Group in the boxes for WHEN DID THIS MEMBER JOIN THE GROUP. If you don’t know the date, leave this field blank for the member to complete themselves later.
If the person you are adding is still in the Group, there is no need to complete the WHEN DID THIS MEMBER LEAVE THE GROUP (completing the boxes displays the ex-members details in the PREVIOUS GROUP MEMBERS SECTION of the GROUP MEMBERS TAB).
Click the ADD BUTTON at the bottom.
The page closes and returns you to the ADD GROUP MEMBERS PAGE again so that you can add the next member.
Repeat this process until all members have been added.

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