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About My Previous Bands

About My Previous Bands

Groups are stored on your MY GROUPS TAB and fall into one of two categories, My Current Groups at the top or My Previous Bands beneath.

This is where MX’ers’ current Group information and activity is stored.
Typically, this section is for entering details of each Group you belong to now, including other Group member details, instrument(s) played and contact details.

This is where MX’ers’ detail any previous bands they have belonged to.
Typically, this is for creating a history of the bands you have belonged to in the past, including band members, dates, recordings made, collaborators etc.

About my previous bands -
The lower section of your MY GROUPS TAB is MY PREVIOUS BANDS containing a GROUP PROFILE IMAGE (or MX SPEAKER ICON) for each of your previous Bands.
If you do not belong to any PREVIOUS Bands, or if you have not created any PREVIOUS Bands there is only a single red ‘ADD A GROUP ICON‘.  

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