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Internet safety & security specialists

Internet safety & security specialists

These help texts can only provide a basic guide to safety There is a very wide range of providers, services and sources of information regarding safety & security online.

These texts should therefore be used in conjunction with these other resources to maximise the users safety.

MX does not recommend a specific source for advice because the Internet is in a constant state of rapid change and it would be impossible to be current consistently.

You may wish to consider the following sites as potential reference points -

What is world music?

The term world music has become more widely used in recent years, in a simplified explanation it is a label given to music which is of a ‘non western origin’ or even ‘somebody else’s local music’.

With the ever expanding internet, the ability to find music which is new, exciting and fresh to western ears has never been easier. Previously world music would be relegated to the end of the rack in a record store but now the interest in this genre has broadened dramatically. This has opened the market to musicians from parts of the world to present a form of music a western listener may never previously have heard.

The increased interest in the world music market has spawned many exciting collaborations between western musicians and artists from around the world, the resulting hybrid version of world music has been a safe introduction to many listeners.

The accessibility of western music has also influenced the ‘world musicians’ resulting in many world fusion recordings, creating a sub-genre and attracting audiences from all over the world.

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