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Guidance for parents

Guidance for parents

It is primarily a parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their children are protected at all times, which 
 includes allowing confidential information about the child to be disclosed.

MX is committed to protecting all MX’ers, in particular our children and youngsters, but unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee that the site is free from unscrupulous users, inappropriate material or free of illegal activity by every individual user.

Children aged 13 years or older are permitted to use this site, and MX strongly recommends that parents/guardians consider and implement an appropriate level of supervision of their children whilst they are using the site.

MX further recommends that each parent teaches their child to adopt a ‘common sense’ attitude to the site. Parents should educate their children as to the potential risks they may encounter online and how to avoid or reduce them.

Parents should instruct children to report inappropriate content immediately and refer them to the safety advice contained in these pages. Parents should oversee their child’s activity from time to time to ensure that they are happy with the way the site is being used.

This does not have to be overbearing or restrictive – two of the main goals for the site to provide a great deal of fun and to widen a users' community and therefore the opportunity each MX’er creates for themselves.

In the event that you encounter material or activity which you deem inappropriate please report it as soon as possible to

All comments and suggestions from MX’ers are welcomed at

Parental guidance software is available widely and may be a suitable onto a home computer as a partial solution to some online dangers.

Further (and much more detailed and specialist) advice and guidance can be found in the help section HELP - GENERAL NETWORK HELP - SECURITY & SAFETY - INTERNET SAFETY & SECURITY SPECIALISTS.

What is pop music?

'Pop' music is a shortened term for "popular" music.

Starting in the 1950’s, pop music is generally a term used to describe music which has mass appeal and utilises a softer version of rock & roll.

The structure of a pop song is generally a verse-chorus format. The chorus is usually repeated throughout the song with the best pop music having a catchy hook, a melody that is instantly memorable and easy to sing along to. Most modern pop music is deliberately created to encourage dance and give a happy feeling.

The basic instrumentation in most pop music songs are drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.

Established major radio stations have always played top 40 pop music and for a few decades most pop music has conformed to the radio-required format. Music producers and record companies create pop songs which are between 3 and 4 minutes in length. Most pop music acts strive to reach the top 40. However, this is becoming less relevant with alternative music distribution channels being created especially through the internet. By being creative in how to distribute music, pop artists are reaching wider audiences such as the more specialised radio stations.

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