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Disclosing your personal information

Disclosing your personal information

It is possible that a user may not be the person they say they are.

Your personal information may be useful to inappropriate users.

Ensure that you do not disclose such information which could enable another user to locate your home or your personal contact numbers or any other personal details.

Great consideration and care should therefore be used when choosing to whom you send friend requests and/or other links, and when considering any friend requests and/or other requests you may receive from others.

It is not advisable to meet in person with any other user(s) you meet on this site without assessing the risk such a personal meeting might carry.

Do not disclose your password to anyone.

Ensure that your PRIVACY SETTINGS suit your preferences and update them frequently.

MX recommends that you report users and content which violate the site TERMS OF WEBSITE USE by contacting

Block and report anyone who sends you unwanted or inappropriate communications

Parents should educate their children as to the potential risks they may encounter online and how to avoid or reduce them

Parental guidance software is available widely and may be a suitable onto a home computer as a partial solution to some online dangers

Parents should instruct children to report inappropriate content immediately and refer them to the safety advice contained on in these pages.


What is Folk music?

The folk music genre is broad and covers many styles. Traditional, contemporary and folk rock being the most common terms.

Traditional folk music was a combination of instrumental music, often associated with the dance traditions of the day and vocal song usually with very meaningful, often, personal subject matter covering love, protest and social comment.

The contemporary and folk rock genres coming to the fore in the mid to late 20th century generally associated with America and Great Britain.

Folk music could be considered to be the first form of world music as each region of the world has its own unique and proud histories in the folk music form.

Although the popularity of folk music has diminished with the increase of the popular music genre folk music songs are still performed in folk clubs around the world and folk music festivals are still doing good business.

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