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Appropriate use policy

Appropriate use policy


MX’ers are advised to adhere to and act in accordance with the ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY.

MX undertakes to act in strict accordance with its’ ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY.

To this end, reported material or users will be investigated promptly and remove items or individuals deemed to be in breach of the policy.

What is reggae music?

With its origins firmly in Jamaica, reggae music is a music genre that came about from the evolution of ska and rocksteady.

What sets reggae music apart from most other types of music is the way the musical rhythm accents on the off beat, in most reggae songs the accent is on the second and fourth beats of the bar as opposed to the first and third in a pop or rock song. Reggae music is a happy music with an infectious beat making the listener want to dance. Reggae festivals are very popular all around the world. 

The instrumentation in most reggae music is guitar, usually played in short dampened strokes on the second and fourth beat of a bar, drums, with a high tuned snare, a dominant bass and piano.

Often the lyrical content in reggae music is of social awareness, love or being critical of the political arena whilst promoting social and racial harmony.

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