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Find individuals

Find individuals

Friends can be found by making a simple search.

To search for individuals –
Click SEARCH on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
This reveals a page entitled ‘Search for MX’ers’ and ‘Enter the name of the individual or Group you wish to find and click Go’.
Type the name (or part of the name) of the individual into the DEEP SEARCH BOX.
Click the GO>> button.
A list of SEARCH RESULTS is created of all MX profiles containing the characters you searched for.
At the top of the search results, the number of potential matches for both INDIVIDUAL PROFILES and GROUP PROFILES are shown.
By default, the INDIVIDUAL PROFILES are shown in the list.
Click GROUP PROFILES to switch to the Group list. 
There a number of columns designed to help locate the individual, the most useful being the PROFILE IMAGE on the far left of the list.
For added accuracy, there are also NAME, NICKNAME, CITY, AREA and COUNTRY columns.
Each result includes a SEARCH RESULTS VIEW BUTTON to the far right which can be used to view the INDIVIDUALS INFO TAB.
Alternatively, click the PROFILE IMAGE, the NAME or NICKNAME entries to view the INDIVIDUALS INFO TAB.
You may not view the full profile until they have confirmed you as a friend.
To view the individuals’ full profile and to begin full dialogue you must therefore send a friend request by using the FRIEND REQUEST BUTTON.

MX-Pro Tip! – Be as specific as you can when searching
The more accurate and complete your request is, the more accurate the search results are likely to be.

Overcoming stage fright

Nerves can seriously damage your show. Being nervous is a totally natural feeling but you can also use it to your advantage. The energy generated by the feeling of nervousness mixed with the adrenaline of stepping on a stage can be harnessed and turned into an electrifying performance.

There are steps you can take to overcome stage fright but everybody is different what works for one person may not be suitable for someone else, try different things till you find what works for you.

Performance anxiety can be dramatically reduced by preparation, having your act or performance as well rehearsed as it can be will give you confidence and one less thing to worry about. Being able to relax with your performance and to have fun with it will show to an audience.

For a vocalist it is important to warm up, to work the vocal-chords. Running through your warm up exercises will allow you hit the high notes when you get out on stage.

Hydration is important. Drink plenty of fluids, many singers use a warm drink, hot water and honey helps to relax and lubricate the throat. Avoid excessive alcohol, as this will impede your performance however there is nothing wrong with a couple of drinks, it can help the nerves.

When nerves begin to take hold try breathing deeply hold the breath and release. Repeat the process several time and even work it into your warm up routine.

Remember why you do this, you are good at it and you love it and the audience are there to be entertained by you. Have fun and relax.

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