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Navigating - Where am I?

Navigating - Where am I?

Navigating is EASY!

You always know where you at Musical Exchanges, as each page has the yellow MENU BAR running through it. The area you are in HIGHLIGHTS RED on the MENU BAR at all times

Whichever part of MX Network you are in, the tab system lets you know exactly where you are.

Individual profiles
INDIVIDUAL PROFILES have a series of yellow tabs.

The individual profile tab you are on always HIGHLIGHTS BLUE.

Group profiles
GROUP PROFILES have a series of turqouise tabs.

The tab you are on always HIGHLIGHTS YELLOW.

Making a promo video

Possibly the ultimate tool for promoting your bands music is a promo video. Other than a live performance there is nothing more powerful than seeing a band interpret their music within a visual form. Unless you have a huge bank balance or record company funding making a promo video can be expensive but it doesn’t have to break the bank, with some thought and careful planning you can produce a great vehicle for your song for a surprisingly small amount of money.

The production of a music video also encourages you to think in different ways, even more creative than songwriting. When you have decided upon the song you wish to make a video for it is then time to get into the song, listen to it in a new way, work out what the song says and in your head develop the imagery to match. Write down your ideas and don’t be afraid to seek the input from the rest of the band. With thousands of videos available on Youtube, watch as many as you can to get visual ideas and ideas in the creative use of the camera. Remember when resources are sparse keeping it simple can often work out best.

Handing the project over to a video production company may give you a polished product at a price but examine other ways of producing a promo video. Getting the right people on board may not be as difficult as you think. Many film or media students would relish the prospect of making a promo video for a band, viewing it as a valuable addition to their portfolio of work. Securing their services could be for little or no cost.

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