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Cancel an event

Cancel an event

All diary events can be cancelled. Regardless of the category, GIG, REHEARSAL, TRAVEL DAY, UNAVAILABLE, MEETING, HOLIDAY/VACATION or OTHER, the process for cancelling any of these events is the same.

To cancel an event -
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.

Click your DIARIES TAB.
Your diary opens at the current month.
YELLOW BARS show events which you are connected to and will take part in.
Find the event which requires editing. To move forward to next month, click the NEXT MONTH TEXT in the top right hand corner, and repeat if required.
To move forward several months click the drop down box in the top right corner and select the month and year required.
When you find the event, click the YELLOW BAR across that date.
The BOOK EVENT PAGE is opened with the existing information about that event displayed.
To delete the event from the diary click the DELETE BUTTON at the bottom left of the tab.
A warning pops up asking “Do you want to permanently delete this item?, with OK or Cancel options.
Click Cancel to return to the BOOK EVENT PAGE.
Click OK to permanently remove the event.

Clicking the OK BUTTON does a series of things –
It deletes the event from your INDIVIDUAL DIARIES TAB.

If you booked an event for a Group, it deletes the event from that GROUP DIARY and from the INDIVIDUAL DIARY of all of the members of the Group.
If it is a Group event, all members of that particular Group are sent an email with the details of the cancelled event.

MX-Pro Tip! - Multiple places to cancel an event
Events can be cancelled on your INDIVIDUAL DIARY TAB and also from three more tabs too, on your INDIVIDUAL GIG LIST TAB, on a GROUP DIARY TAB, or on a GROUP GIG LIST TAB. It does not matter which tab you use to book the days as they are all coordinated in the back office so the information you input shows on all tabs.

MX-Pro Tip! - Act quickly
When you know about a change to any event it should be entered into the diary as soon as possible to keep the diary accurate, to keep Group members informed and to reduce the chance of double booking.

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