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Upload a Group profile photo

Upload a Group profile photo

The evidence is clear that the most successful musicians wanted ads (by far!) from Groups are always those where the Group goes to the trouble to upload a Group profile photo. Why is that? Because sight is one of our primary senses –we like to see who we are dealing with!

To upload an Group profile photo -
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
Click the MY GROUPS TAB.
Click the
 MX SPEAKER ICON of the Group you wish to upload the image.
This opens the
Click the
Use ADD A GROUP PHOTO to upload photos.
When the photos have uploaded, click the SET GROUP PROFILE IMAGE BUTTON beneath the photo to be set as the PROFILE IMAGE.
This will set the individual PROFILE IMAGE on all MX pages.
Any photo on the individuals PHOTOS TAB can be nominated as the individual PROFILE IMAGE in the same way.
Different photos can be nominated for individual and Group profiles.

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