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Book a tour

Book a tour

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To book a tour -

Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages.
Click your DIARIES TAB.
Your diary opens at the current month.
YELLOW BARS show events which you are connected to and will take part in.
RED BARS (including the name of a Group member) show on dates which Group members are unavailable to take part in an event with you.
You can therefore see at a glance which dates are safe to book by simply opening your DIARIES TAB. The names of unavailable Group members are clearly shown on RED BARS.
Decide what dates you are going to book and click the BOOK EVENT BUTTON at the top or bottom of the page.

The BOOK EVENT PAGE is opened.
Using the drop down box to select the correct Group in the WHO IS THE EVENT FOR? FIELD.
Click the CALENDAR ICON to the right of the START DATE FIELD and select a start date.
Clicking a date closes the calendar and adds that same date to the END DATE FIELD.
Click the CALENDAR ICON to the right of the END DATE FIELD and select the last consecutive tour date.
Click the CALENDAR ICON to the right of the END DATE FIELD and select an end date for the tour.
The DESCRIPTION FIELD is for free text. It can be anything of relevance, a set list, any special notes or other information a Group may need to know. Only the Group members have access to this information.
In the EVENT TYPE FIELD on the top right, select GIG as the type of event you are booking.
Enter the name of the venue in the VENUE NAME FIELD.
Enter the address of the venue in the VENUE ADDRESS FIELD.
Enter the postcode/zip code of the venue in the VENUE ZIPCODE/POSTCODE FIELD.
Using the drop down boxes, select the appropriate times in the ARRIVAL, SOUNDCHECK, ONSTAGE and END TIME FIELDS.
Click the ADD BUTTON

Clicking the ADD BUTTON does a series of things –
It adds the tour dates to your INDIVIDUAL DIARIES TAB.

It adds the tour dates to the GROUP DIARY.
It adds the dates to the INDIVIDUAL DIARY of all of the members of the Group.
All members of the Group are sent an email with the details of the dates which have been booked.
The diaries of any other Groups a member belongs to shows the RED BARS (member unavailable) in their diaries, reducing the risk of double bookings.
The gig details appear in each members’ INDIVIDUAL GIG LIST TAB and in the GROUP GIG LIST TAB.

MX-Pro Tip! - Multiple places to book tour dates
Tour dates can be booked on your INDIVIDUAL DIARY TAB and also from three more tabs too, on your INDIVIDUAL GIG LIST TAB, on a GROUP DIARY TAB, or on a GROUP GIG LIST TAB. It does not matter which tab you use to book the days as they are all coordinated in the back office so the information you input shows on all tabs.

MX-Pro Tip! - Act quickly
When you know about any event it should be entered into the diary as soon as possible to keep the diary accurate, to keep Group members informed and to reduce the chance of double booking.

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