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About diaries

About diaries

The key to effective diary management is keeping abreast who is free and the available of Group members at any time. MX carries a very sophisticated, state-of-the-art multi-band diary management system which is personalised to you and your Groups. It is designed in a way which keeps Group members informed, but not to disclose information which does not concern them. Use it as a tool to organize your music business affairs and manage your diary in the most professional and efficient manner possible.

You can see at a glance which dates are safe to book events by opening your DIARIES TAB. The names of unavailable Group members are shown on RED BARS.

Your diary is linked to all members of your current groups no matter how many Groups you belong to or how many Group members there are across all of the Groups. If a date is booked with one of your Groups, or if you are on vacation or you have a personal event, that date is blocked out of all of the diaries of any other Groups you are a member of to prevent double booking.

Other MX’ers you are connected to see a RED NOT AVAILABLE BAR with your name on it, stating ‘This member has an engagement on this date’ when you have an event booked which does not involve them.

No-one except you can see the detail of your personal events.

Only members of a Group can see the detail of that Groups’ events.

MX-Pro Tip! - Individual or Group diary? The MX diary is multifunctional and very sophisticated
A Group only needs one diary, so a Group profile has a GROUP DIARY TAB.
You may belong to several Groups, so the content of all of the diaries of all of the Groups you belong to appear in one place on the DIARIES TAB on your individual profile.
You can input event information into your INDIVIDUAL DIARIES TAB, any GROUP DIARY TAB you belong to, your individual GIG LIST TAB or into any GROUP GIG LIST TAB. It does not metter which one you use, the information transfers to all of the other tabs instantly.

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