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About the individual gig list

About the individual gig list

The GIG LIST TAB is where all your future gig events are logged and are in order of the next show first. If you belong to one or more Groups, the gig details of each Group are shown here too. The GIG LIST TAB exists so that you and your friends can see at a glance where you are performing, with which Group and when.

Where does my gig list get its information from? -
The information shown in your individual GIG LIST TAB is imported from your DIARIES TAB so it’s important to keep it updated with all of the latest information.

What is my archive gig list? -
At the top left of your GIG LIST TAB is a link to your ARCHIVE GIG LIST which contains information about the gigs you appeared at in the past in the order of most recent first. Gig details are automatically transferred from the GIG LIST TAB into the ARCHIVE GIG LIST at the end of the day of the gig.

To find the GIG LIST TAB – 
Click MY PROFILE on the yellow MENU BAR which can be found on all pages. 
Click the GIG LIST TAB.

MX Pro-Tip! - Quality infrmation counts
The quality and accuracy of the information shown is directly related to the quality and accuracy of the information input when the event was booked.
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