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Create your individual profile

Create your individual profile

Creating a profile is quick, easy and FREE!

Before you can create a profile you have to register by using the REGISTER BUTTON.

Create your individual profile
You automatically create a profile when you click the validation link in your WELCOME EMAIL.

When you first access the site from the WELCOME EMAIL link you are taken to your EDIT PROFILE PAGE which you can complete in as much or as little detail as you like.

MX Pro-TIP! Spend some up-front time on your profile!
The information you enter is accessed by various features of the site later - saving you tons of time in the long run!

MX Pro-TIP! - The evidence is clear...
The most successful musicians wanted ads (by far!) are always those where the advertiser goes to the trouble to upload an individual profile photo. Why is that? Because sight is one of our primary senses –we like to see who we are dealing with!

Sourcing band merchandise

Put some thought into your band merchandise.
The point of selling band merchandise is to make money. Corporate merchandise is now a huge business with thousands of suppliers online ready to take your order.  Have a budget in mind and shop around.
Decide what you are going to sell
-  Research your fan base, ask what they would like to see on the merch stand.

Research suppliers - Costs vary from supplier. Check what is required from you, most suppliers of band merch will be able to work off many different types of computer generated file but always check your design is saved to a file your chosen supplier can open.
Design - Keep it simple, an elaborate logo in multi colours will be expensive. Keep it to one or two colours. Bear in mind how certain colours will look on different band clothing, for example a great black and white logo will not work on a black shirt.

How to sell more band merchandise

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